After graduating from Curtin University and University of Technology, Sydney, Raymond pursued his career in architecture with Hadiprana Design Consultant and Trans Asia Consultants. In 2014, he founded WARNERIN DESIGN OFFICE together with Margareta Warnerin. Having worked on diverse range and scale architectural projects, he seeks to push traditional building typologies with more innovative, highly integrated, and research-driven solutions. He is intrigued in examining user experience considering the impact of environment on human behaviours. He heads WA Architecture Department and demonstrates a firm commitment in sustainable design, the use of new materials, and methods in construction. With a proven track record that meets the needs of stakeholders, he has strong design leadership and deep understanding in both architecture and construction fields. He insists on creating present atmosphere and contextual architecture. He is a registered architect in Indonesia and continues to build his diverse portfolio with choreograph design narrative that is carried from concept to completion.

Key Activities
Forum Biro Team - Design Week 3.3 2015
World Architectural Festival 2015 Shortlist
CID 2 - Livable Cities Participants 2013
Superstudio 2010 Participants
Brick Competition 2010 Participants
First Year Design Mentor 2009