Architecture is certain and inevitable. Each design is corresponding uniquely with its site and context particularly socially and environmentally is paramount in each project. It serves the surrounding by absorbing all the potentials and being obsolete presence. It embraces the presence. Presence is like a gap in a the flow of history, where all of [a] sudden it is not past and not future.1 It is about creating present atmosphere.

In architecture, more is more. It is an art and functionalism is just a mere platitude. When an architect selects a color or material, he does according to his own taste and become an aesthetic statement rather than functionalism. Form does not follow functions, it follows anything. It is the result of architecture freewill. A freewill that plays an important role in restoring, defining time and spatial dimension in reality. The seductiveness of form is very important.2 Form makes the introduction of doubt possible and open infinite number of possibilities. It can be a sensational phenomenon in any eras of human establishments.

This manifesto is an ongoing work and constantly reflected upon. It will be revised and rewritten continuously as knowledge progress.
1.Peter Zumthor
2.Aldo Rossi